Kids Get Superhero Surprise From Navy Dad

A superhero-themed day at Centerville Elementary School in Virginia was exciting enough for all the students, but for three siblings there was one big hero missing — their dad.

Michael Mabey, a member of the United States Navy, had been away on deployment for the past seven months. In that time he missed holidays, birthdays and lots of precious time with his wife and their three children.

Mabey took advantage of the school’s field day activities, however, to surprise his children. As all three — two boys and one girl — were on center stage, the rest of the students and teachers wished the oldest boy a happy seventh birthday. That’s when Captain America stepped out from behind them.

The kids were excited to see the Marvel superhero, but it was when he took off his helmet that they really started jumping for joy.

Screenshot/WAVY TV 10

Michael Mabey had just come home from deployment but his children didn’t know that yet. When Captain America’s helmet was removed, the three siblings saw that it was their dad who was wearing the superhero’s costume.

Immediately, all three rushed into his arms where both father and children got a long awaited hug.

Screenshot/WAVY TV 10

“I missed Thanksgiving, Christmas, I left on one birthday and I’m coming back on another,” Mabey told WAVY TV 10. “Absolutely amazing to see them and know that I’m here a lot longer now. They were shocked, I don’t think they knew what to do.”

Any time a service member comes home safe and sound is a great day, but surprise homecoming like this are even better to see!

Watch this super homecoming surprise in the video below!

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