‘Superhero Parking’ Spots For Active Duty Military And Veterans Are Showing Up In Parking Lots

It may not seem like the most obvious place to show support for veterans and active duty military, but businesses throughout the midwest are using parking spaces to make sure they know they are respected.

Several spaces at the Morgantown Mall are reserved for “superhero parking,” which includes veterans, active duty members, and first responders.

According to WDTV, similar parking spots have show up at a Lowes, elsewhere in West Virginia. It’s possible the change is part of a city or state-wide initiative to honor those who serve.

Or it could just be a thoughtful act of support.

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Have you seen one of these signs around in your town?

“We definitely appreciate Morgantown Mall and Lowes, for recognizing us and our military service and even, i’ts even generous of them to put them up here next to the handicapped parking spots just because we don’t get that luxury anywhere else around here,” Marine veteran Jon Burd told WDTV.

Veterans, active duty military and first responders are allowed to park in these special spots.

In the city of Courtland, OH, a handful of public parking spots are designated “Super Hero Parking Only” on Monday nights.

“It was my vision to show support to these people in our community. I come from a family filled with veterans and first responders and I wanted to work on a project that would have an impact on not only my friends and family but on all our residents of Cortland as well as our visitors,” said Jim Bradley, member of the Courtland zoning and planning commission.

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“I’ve seen #thankyouforyourservice perks for vets and military personnel before, but this red, white & blue striped, *sponsored* “Superhero Parking” space (at a Whole Foods in Austin) is taking things to a new level,” tweeted Phillip Carter.

A similar initiative has caught on in Brevard County, FL, where the “Super Hero Parking Only” signs can be found outside city hall, each police precinct building, the jail, and at the courthouse.

“You know hopefully other cities and governments across the state and the country will pick up on the idea as well,” said Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey.

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