Laughs, Gasps And, Uh, Inspiration? These 7 Super Bowl XLIX Commercials Made Us Want to Go Out and be Better People

What makes a great commercial? 

It’s a purely subjective question, sure, but it’s relatively easy to answer. If a commercial makes us laugh, we like it. Likewise if it makes us smile. Or, sometimes, we may even enjoy a commercial that makes us think, that asks us to wrap our minds around something we hadn’t thought about previously.

The bottom line is, though, that a great commercial is a memorable commercial — the laughter, the smiles, the thoughts, they all are reactions that lead to our memories capturing something particular about that commercial. It allows us to, five years down the road, look back upon a tag line such as, “Where’s the beef?” and smile yet again.

While the stunning lineup of commercials for Super Bowl XLIX included both knee-slappers (Doritos, for example) and shocking turns (Nationwide, for example), what we want to examine in this list are the inspirational commercials that were aired. We want to give you a chance to see seven commercials that you won’t only remember, but will make you want to stand up and become an even better person.

Always – “#LikeaGirl”

What do you think of when you hear: “You run like a girl,” or, “You throw like a girl,” or, “You fight like a girl”? They’re seen as insults, right? More than that, what we’ve turned into insults essentially state that girls can’d do the same things as boys.

Always, and their #LikeaGirl campaign have something powerful to say about that.

#LikeaGirl doesn’t have to end at being a hashtag.

Countries across the globe continue to struggle in providing young girls with a quality education. One of these countries is Haiti. There are ways that GreaterGood is helping to solve this.

And you can help too.

Coca-Cola – “#MakeItHappy”

We all have bad days, don’t we? Sometimes, we even have rotten, no good, downright awful days. But, as this commercial points out, it’s the little things that can turn that awful day upside down.

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