Daughter’s Stuffed Animals Went On Deployment, Then Helped With Secret Mission

When Tech Sgt. Andrea Davis’s daughter gave her two stuffed animals before deployment, Wolfy the wolf and Fatty the flamingo, she thought they would keep her mom safe and travel the world. Little did she know, they would play a big part in her mother’s surprise reunion she had planned.

During a deployment overseas with the United States Air Force, Davis took as many photos as she could of the two stuffed animals and sent those photos back to her daughter. The photos were a way of letting her daughter know she was okay, sharing her experiences, and keeping in touch. They meant a lot to both mother and daughter.

When Davis returned home, she thought she would keep the photos coming and use them to surprise her daughter, whom she hadn’t seen since she left for a tour of duty overseas.

See how these special stuffed animals paved the way for an unforgettable reunion in the video below!

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