Veteran Gets Long Overdue Recognition Thanks To Determined Student

Charles Mowbray, an 87-year-old Navy veteran from World War II, often visits a Maryland elementary school near his home and shares stories and memories of war, service, and sacrifice with the eager students in the classrooms. It is a great way for the young students to learn about history and the military from a firsthand account, and it passes on the knowledge and wisdom from one generation to another.

During his one of his visits to the school, a student in the class noticed that this war hero only had pictures of the medals that he had earned. That was because no real medals ever came from the government.

On a mission to get her hero what he deserved, this eight-year-old girl wrote a letter to her senator to get Mowbray the recognition and medals that he had earned while serving our country. She was determined, and on a mission of her own to make sure that — even though so much time had passed since his service in the military was over — he would get the medals he earned.

Hear their full story in the video below.


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