Stray Cat, Soldier Save Each Other

On an Army outpost in Southern Afghanistan, Sgt. Jesse Knott was losing hope. The rigors of deployment were catching up, as they often do, causing what Jesse describes as “dark times” in an interview with KOMO4. Then the unexpected happened.

A wounded cat, Koshka, found his way onto Jesse’s lap and into his life. Though military regulations typically prohibit keeping animals as pets, commanders recognized the comfort and companionship Koshka provided for the distressed soldier.

For the next seven months, the two kept each other company until the time came to return to the United States. By this point, however, the pair had forged a powerful bond, and Jesse refused to leave his new friend behind. Fortunately, Jesse’s parents intervened where the Army would not, paying to transport Koshka to his new home in Oregon City.

Truly a case of who saved who.

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