The Search Continues For Tens Of Thousands Still Missing In Action

As of this writing, there are still some 82,000 of our military still on the Missing In Action rolls. The search for them continues unabated to this day.

There is nothing more soul-searing than the idea of having a loved one on the MIA list. How does one live with the thought that their loved one is “Missing in Action”? There are so many strong and conflicting feelings that arise. There is the hope that he or she might still be alive, which at the same time, teeters on the edge of despair. What is their condition? What are they being treated like?

On the other hand, there is the utter emptiness of the possibility that you will never see them again, never be able to bring them back, not even their remains to be buried in the hallowed ground of home.

We must never forget them or their families who must live with such conflcting emotions every day.

Source: YouTube/The U.S. Army
Divers from the 7th Engineer Dive Detachment prepare for a search mission.

This video shows that the search for our MIAs continues. It is being carried on wherever and whenever there is evidence or hope of recovering some of those who have been missing for so long. In this case you will see that U.S. Army divers are among those who are called upon by the POW/MIA Accounting Agency of the Pentagon to help in the search.

Source: YouTube/The U.S. Army
The 7th Engineer Dive Detachment performed a recovery mission in support of the Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency off the coast of Nha Trang, Vietnam.

Listen to these men and hear in their words and their voices the care, the determination, and the dedication they bring to this sacred duty. These divers take great risks, in very dangerous circumstances, in their efforts to recover just one more soul, to be able to remove one more name off of that long list of MIAs.

They are to be honored and thanked. Their efforts show clearly that those who are missing are not forgotten.

Source: YouTube/The U.S. Army
Soldiers who died in Vietnam are still being located by the U.S. Army.

As you watch this video, remember both those who are missing and their families. Keep them in your thoughts and prayers. Be thankful and proud too that we live in a nation that cares enough for those who have fought for her to keep up the efforts necessary to bring our POW/MIAs home.

Source: YouTube/The U.S. Army
These divers have the advantage of technology in finding their missing comrades.

Pray for their continued success and for their own safety as they go about this noble work on behalf of their military brothers and sisters.

The Veterans Site will continue to report on the return of recovered heroes. We are committed to keeping them in the minds and memories of all us. Their sacrifice and suffering demands it.

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