I’ve Never Seen The Special Forces Like This!

Fears are normal to all of us, but fear must be confronted and overcome. That is exactly what Special Ops training is all about. By the end of it you have faced fear and taken charge of it with knowledge, skill, and courage. This powerful video reveals the training, the attitude, and the quality of those who serve in the Air Force Special Operations branches. It is intense. These guys mean to get things done.


Special Ops are about getting things done and done right. They learn to take on the most challenging of conditions, to stretch beyond the perceived limits. They find the way, even when things appear to be against them. They are motivated and they demand more of themselves than most would ever try.

They have learned to control their situations. They confront situations that are outside of the norm and they know their purpose. They understand the idea that a person can choose to live for nothing and in doing so, get nothing. But they are the kind that recognize that there are things greater than themselves and they choose to take the risks that are sometimes necessary to protect and defend those things. They would rather die for something than live for nothing.


The Veterans Site gives its respect and thanks to all who have served and are currently serving in the Air Force Special Operations Command.

You are the best!

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