The Spartan Pledge Could Be The Best Way To Prevent Veteran Suicides

All military veterans, especially combat veterans, need to watch this short video. If you have not heard of the “Spartan Pledge” this video may prove to be a very valuable tool to help prevent suicides among our combat veteran communities.

This pledge has the power and the possibility to bring down the statistics on veteran suicides, which are far to high in all veteran communities. I think that this simple pledge could really make a difference, because, as we all know, the brotherhood we have with our battle buddies is often tighter than that with any other community. This can be very useful for all veterans, especially those from the current wars we are fighting. 

I suggest that it might be good for even my Vietnam veteran brothers and sisters. 

Source: Wikimedia Commons
Veterans who make the Spartan Pledge have made a choice to keep each other alive.

We can count on them “having our six,” and understanding our situations. 

Please, if you have considered suicide, or know of one of your buddies who has, listen to this and get together with a battle buddy and take the pledge for each other’s sake.  

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