A Daughter Sends A Special Message To Her Dad – In Space!

Stephanie wanted to give her dad a special message while he was at work. One problem — her dad works in space at the International Space Station. That makes sending a note a little difficult, to say the least. Enter the engineers at Hyundai!

The company’s large group on engineers, drivers, and other specialists decided to step in help Stephanie send her dad a message that would be visible to her father from the International Space Station. That was a huge undertaking, creating something large enough to be seen from space.

Using 11 of their cars fitted with special tires for optimum traction in the dirt, they mapped out an exact “route” to drive recreate Stephanie’s message — in her handwriting! When the dust settled and they were all finished, what was left in the dirt was Stephanie’s simple message to her father. Meanwhile, the International Space station was just about to pass over the spot while in orbit.

This unbelievably amazing, yet completely true story is so touching. One can only image how it would feel to get a message like that when you’re away from your family.

Now the big question — could her dad see it from space? And what was the message? Watch this amazing video below!

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