Magician Tells An Incredibly Moving Story While Simultaneously Performing An Amazing Card Trick

Some stories are told to friends and then simply forgotten, others can be passed from generation to generation and live on for decades or even centuries. When people tell these stories, many times they are told because of incredible sentimental value behind them. And the story that is told in the video below is exactly that.

For this young magician, a story of a soldier sitting in his bunk with a deck of cards is something he can completely relate to in his everyday life of working with cards for his profession. But not only does he relate to the story, he can tell it in an incredible way.

By utilizing an entire deck of cards, Justin Flom takes viewers on a wonderful journey through one of his favorite and memorable stories. And in the end, he puts his own twist on it and does something absolutely incredible.

Check out the video below and prepare to be both moved and astounded at what this talented man can do with a simple set of cards.

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