Soldier Surprises Mother In Kitchen

We love it when families are reunited with their courageous soldiers, but what’s even better is when it’s a SURPRISE reunion!

You are not going to want to miss this video. It’s short and very simple, but it has warmed our hearts beyond belief.

In the video, a soldier is filmed coming home to see his mother. But he doesn’t just walk in through the front door. Oh no, that kind of arrival is not good enough for this soldier’s waiting mama!

Instead, the soldier weaves his way around the back of the house, stopping to gauge the situation and make sure he’s not going to get caught. The video camera follows him into the house and through a hallway to the kitchen, where his mother lets out a little scream of happiness.

Get the tissues ready, because this reunion is not likely to leave a single dry eye. It must be dusty in here, because my allergies are acting up!

Watch this soldier give his mom the surprise of her life. Welcome home soldier!

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