Soldier Surprises Mom At Graduation Ceremony

A deployment overseas means that you often miss out on important milestones in your loved one’s lives. When Brandon Shreve’s mother earned her G.E.D., she was obviously ecstatic, but also a little sad because she assumed that her son would not be able to attend her graduation ceremony due to his military duties.

Brandon, who serves in the United States Army, had just finished a tour of duty in Afghanistan. Following that he was transferred and stationed in Germany. Leading up to the night of his mother’s graduation ceremony, she believed that her son was still in Germany.

Little did his mom know, Shreve was waiting in the arena, ready to surprise her on her special day.

It was a proud moment for both mother and son — she was proud of herself for achieving her goal and getting her G.E.D., and he was proud of her for the same reason; she also had a lasting pride in her son for his service in the military. This was an important moment in his mother’s life, and there was absolutely no way he was going to miss it. This was such a great surprise!

See their reunion in the video below!

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