Soldier Meets His 8-Month-Old Son For The First Time Following Deployment

It can be difficult when you are away from home, especially when you are away for a long time. Andrew Broussard is a 24-year-old man who knows this all too well. He was stationed in Kuwait for nine months after he received three months of training in the United States.

During the time that Andrew was deployed, his son was born. Skyla, his 25-year-old wife, had to deal with the final trimester of pregnancy on her own as her husband was deployed elsewhere.

Although it was a difficult journey, according to Happily, Skyla shared that they would chat through videoconferencing around the time the baby was born.

Through video, Andrew watched his son, Micah, growing up and he missed him every day. That changed in January 2020, when the Sergeant with the Army National Guard found out that he was going home. He would be able to meet his son, who was now almost 8 months old.

Andrew walked into the hangar at Alexandria International Airport in Louisiana. The emotional moment was captured on video when his face lit up after seeing his wife and child. He couldn’t help but break down in tears as he embraced his wife and held his son in his arms for the first time.

Since being home, he spends a lot of time with his son. Recently, however, he was also called out on National Guard duty to help when hurricane Laura came through.

According to Happily, he said:

“Seeing him was one of the most powerful moments of my life – I knew exactly who he was and instantly loved him with open arms.

The thing that really broke me was seeing how big he was and knowing that I will never get the time missed back.”

Skyler also said that she saw it as being a very emotional moment. She knew he was happy to see them but she also knew that they would never get the time back that they had lost together as a family.

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