Soldier Buys Dinner For Two Boys That Were Hungry And Shivering

We sometimes see acts of kindness unfolding in front of us and we want to share them with the world. Such an event happened when a man named Jason was eating at Taco Bell. He saw a man in uniform at the counter, and it wasn’t long before he saw something inspirational.

Army Lt. Col. Robert Risdon was at the counter ready to pay for his meal. He is a soldier based at Fort Benning, Georgia. He also has two children of his own.

As he was sitting down to eat his meal, he saw a nine-year-old and 13-year-old boy walk through the door. They were trying to raise church money by selling handmade desserts. They were also shivering because it was cold outside and they were now wet. After seeing the boys, the soldier asked them if they had eaten dinner.

Photo: YouTube /
Jason Gibson

The boys responded that they hadn’t eaten and what took place next was caught on video. Jason saw the soldier going back up to the counter to purchase dinner for the two young boys.

Jason also wanted to take the video so that he could share the inspirational event with the world. He thanked the soldier and asked people to tell others about it.

When the younger child said that he wanted to be just like the soldier when he grew up, he gave a salute. Army Lt. Col. Robert Risdon spoke to the Huffington Post, saying that he was embarrassed with the attention but also respectful of the commendation.

You can see it for yourself in the following video:

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