Video Chat With Soldier Dad Turns Into A Huge Surprise

Coming home with their mom, these three kids got a video call from their dad. That was a pretty big deal for this family because their dad was a soldier in the U.S. Army, and currently he was deployed overseas. That can be hard on any family member or friend — having a loved one deployed for months and months at a time — but it is especially hard when small children are involved who miss their parent(s).

Luckily for these three kids, they got home just in time to answer the video call on their laptop. The whole family immediately sits down to talk to their brave dad serving in the military. He asks the children how they are, what they are up to, and all the other regular “catching up” questions that a parent who is away would ask.

Being able to talk to deployed troops is a great comfort and luxury during these times. Today’s technology makes it even easier with video calls. However, this call took a quick twist as the conversation went on.

This sneaky dad had a really cool surprise up his sleeve. You have to see this!

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