It Starts With a Lone Cellist… And Grows to 120 Musicians! The U.S. Air Force Band Flash Mobs the Smithsonian In Style!

For me, this particular flash mob goes where no flash mob has gone before: to actually playing the music! See, most of the flash mobs I’ve witnessed have all included dancing of some sort, rather than actually creating the music. And, you know what? After watching this, I don’t know if I’ll ever see flash mobs the same way!

It only takes moments from the time the first cellist starts playing for the crowd to start forming, after all they are holding a concert in the middle of the Smithsonian. One of the most fascinating parts of this video is the amount of members of the U.S. Air Force band and all of their instruments that were able to go unnoticed by the crowd prior to the flash mob.

Watch the U.S. Air Force Band flash mob the Smithsonian in style!

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