This Little Guy Must’ve Had Himself a Long Day! He Gives His Dad’s Homecoming the Cutest Speed Bump!

Your dad, who has been deployed for some time now, is finally coming home. FINALLY! How does that make you feel? You feel excited, right? Your heart’s racing? We all have a range of emotions that come over us when we know that our loved one is going to be home and safe after their time away. Some cry happy tears, others scream out of excitement, and we even get the occasional punches(normally out of love after being surprised of course).

Well, I’m sure this boy was super excited at one point (maybe even all day!) but, by the time his dad actually gets home, he’s just so dang tired! This tired little boy has no idea that his dad is home, better yet he is at the foot of his bed and he has no idea. Not even a foot-tickle from his dad can entirely stir him from his slumber!

See this adorably unique homecoming for yourself!

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