Sisters Serving In Military, Continuing Century Of Family Tradition

A lot of families have traditions, but the Easter family has a very unique and amazing family tradition — military service. For nearly a century, four generations of the family have made members in the military and that tradition of service continues to this day.

Three sisters, Cori, Madi and Adrienne Easter, are all currently serving in the U.S. Armed Forces but in different branches. The sisters are the fourth generation in their family to serve in the military, including their father, grandfathers and great-grandfather.

Luke Easter, the girls’ father, said he wishes their grandfathers could have seen them graduate from the military academies. “They would have been so proud,” he said.

“My dad never even really talked about the military, ’cause he had three daughters and didn’t wanna pressure any of us into going into the military if we didn’t want to,” Cori Easter told CBS News.

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The three sisters not only serve in different branches of the military, but are doing so with distinction. Each is either a graduate or student at military service academies. The oldest, Cori attended the United States Air Force Academy. Adrienne, is graduating from the Naval Academy this year. Madi is attending the military academy at West Point.

“Our parents never raised us like the typical girl,” Cori told CBS News. “You know, they never said that we couldn’t do anything of any sorts… They never limited us.”

Madi added, “My dad too… He would just look at me like any of the other people and say, ‘You can lead men. Why not?'”

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Luke, the father, was an Air Force pilot who served two deployments to the Middle East in the 1990s. Their grandfathers on either side also served in the military, with mom Stacey’s father being featured on 60 Minutes in the past about his service in the Vietnam War.

Cori Easter is currently deployed with the Air Force and flies MQ-9 Reaper drones. Her younger sister, Madi, said she doesn’t worry about being deployed after she graduates in 2020 from West Point. She told CBS News, “I think why else come to one of the – the best academy in the world if not to train to help and do the purpose that we were here for?”

These outstanding sisters are an example of what service is all about.

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