Sister Thinks Brother is Serving Overseas. His Graduation Gift Is A Sight To See!

When you graduate from high school, you want everyone close to you to be there. You want your parents, your grandparents, and your brothers and sisters to all be there as you celebrate the end of your hard work of completing every grade level from Kindergarten through the twelfth grade.

However, those of us with family members overseas serving our country cannot have our loved ones with us on our special day. That’s what Herriman, Utah, resident Madison Hughes thought in June 2015.

During a rehearsal of the ceremonies at her high school, Madison was brought up on stage because she was being rewarded with a scholarship to help pay for her upcoming freshman year at college. Before this presentation, her older brother, Private Nicholas Hughes, recorded a video to be played for Madison saying he wished he could be there with her on her graduation day.

He was stationed in Germany and would be unable to attend the graduation…OR SO HE TOLD MADISON!

Needless to say, Madison did not know who would be presenting her with the giant check for the scholarship money, but after the watching the video, I don’t think she was expecting who came out.

Watch the video to see how Madison and her family reacted when the check presenter came out!

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