Soldier Surprises His Florida State Sweetie In Front of Her Sorority Sisters

Sergeant Clark Rahman graduated from college and, unlike most graduates, knew exactly what his next step in life was going to be.

Sergeant Rahman spent nine months in Afghanistan while on duty. Now this is a huge difference from the year prior, hanging out in Florida surrounded by his fraternity brothers and, of course, his girlfriend.

When he returned home earlier than expected, he planned to surprise his girlfriend in front of her sorority sisters and his fraternity brothers.

He meets up with his family at the airport. Thankfully, they were able to keep this secret from her so the surprise would be as real as possible.

When you watch the video, you’ll see her reaction when she spots him and it is a very emotional reunion. She takes off in a sprint to jump in his arms. This is so beautiful, it will take your breath away!

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