They Wanted To Construct The World’s Tallest Tribute To Freedom. What They Created Is Amazing!

Out in the Midwest, in the town of Sheboygan, Wisconsin, an American flag like no other flies over the headquarters of Acuity Insurance. It has become a kind of pilgrimage spot for people from all over the country and from around the world. The flag and its pole are, shall we say, monumental. But the patriotism behind this stunning display is equal to that task.

Here are its dimensions: The flagpole itself is 400 feet tall. The American flag that flies on it is over 4 stories in height. It measures 60′ x 120′ and weight 220 pounds. During rougher weather a flag that is the same size, but weighs in at 350 pounds is flown from the pole. At the base of the flagpole is a monument that honors all veterans who have been killed in action. It is a completely unique project. It took many hands and a variety of technologies to build it.

Watch the film to learn more about the construction and the people involved in the effort. It was built by the owner of Acuity Insurance as a tribute to America. It is about pride and thankfulness. Its goal is to inspire, to be a symbol of freedom and hope, a tribute to the country we all live and work in and to those who have given their all to defend it.

I think it is achieving its goals.

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