Sesame Street Creates Program For Military Kids

Everyone loves Sesame Street, but now we have a reason to love it even more! Sesame Street has a fantastic program for military families — children in particular — to help them with the challenges of deployments, the emotions of homecomings, injuries, and the grief of loss.

The program is called Talk, Listen, and Connect, and it is a three-part program that is designed to help children whose parents are in the military to deal with the hardships that come with that. The first part of the program helps children deal with understanding why their parent(s) are leaving for a deployment and gone from home for so long, as well as encouraging other children to connect with those kids and make sure they are good friends to them.

The second part of the program deals with when the military parent comes back home, especially when there are physical or psychological differences with the parent due to injury or trauma. Helping a child realize that they’re parent my be “different” after serving — like a wounded veteran — but they are still the same loving parent they were before helps bring families together.

Lastly, the program also has a stage to help children deal with the loss of parent who dies in combat. Talk, Listen, and Connect is all about finding the right ways of opening up to children and having them open up in return about how they are feeling and the difficulties of being in a military family.

Watch and learn about the Talk, Listen, and Connect program that gives military children and their families the resources and tools for changes and challenges that they may come across during this time.

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