How Trained Service Dogs Can Help Veterans With PTSD

Dogs have always been known to be human’s best friend, and once again they prove this claim to be true.

In recent years, more than 620,000 veterans have returned from service suffering from psychological injuries making it a struggle to immerse themselves back into the regular lives they left behind. But with the help of trained PTSD service dogs, these canines can sense issues early, engage their veteran, and interrupt an episode to break the cycle.

Service dogs for veterans are specially trained canine companions that provide support in a number of ways. From helping relieve the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder to helping with mobility and physical assistance, veterans’ service dogs are doing amazing things for our veterans when they return home from the battlefield.

This video explains in more depth how PTSD service dogs help veterans and how you can help veterans get the service dog they need.

We’re thankful for these furry friends who are helping our brave veterans!

Watch how the love and therapy from these four-legged friends help our brave veterans adjust back to civilian life.

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