Sergeant Surprises Daughters With Dolphin’s Help

Sergeant Howse’s daughters were called from the stands to assist in a special encounter with one of the dolphins during the presentation. The show’s narrator announced that their father is serving in Afghanistan and they wanted to make this a special day for them. After the girls participated in the encounter, the narrator said that there is another surprise for the girls and she announced that their father is there.

After the presentation, many guests went up to Sergeant Howse to thank him for his service to our country. This has to be the second best part of this video. You can see the crowds gather around them just to wait to shake the hand of Sergeant Howse.

Watch as this dad steals the spotlight from this dolphin when he surprises his daughters, Nataja and Jorja. These two girls hadn’t seen their daddy in almost a year, and boy were they surprised!

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