A Marine Is Finally Reunited With His Wife And Baby!

The only thing that can make a military homecoming better, in my opinion, is the addition of an adorable little baby. Luckily for us, this video features one of the cutest babies I’ve ever seen! The reunion between this marine and his wife is precious, but the cute baby really steals the show. The way she walks into her dad’s arms is so adorable!

While this military family waits for their Marine to make his homecoming appearance, his wife holds a sign marking the time they’ve spent apart broken up in different increments — 260 days, 6,240 hours, 37,440 minutes, or 22,464,000 seconds of IMPATIENTLY waiting. The bottom of her sign reads, “Are you ready for our second first kiss? Welcome home, Corporal Williams!”

This is such a beautiful reunion and military homecoming — you’re going to want to share it with all of your friends. I watched it more than once! It’s a wonderful thing to see a military family reunited after a long deployment apart, and it is also a good reminder that there are so many families waiting for their loved one to come back home safe and sound.

See this family reunion for yourself!


Shifting political priorities and economic malaise at home can sometimes make it easy to overlook the thousands of Americans still deployed to dangerous places around the world. With so few serving on behalf of so many, our overseas obligations have turned into a revolving door of deployments, sending our service members on their fourth, fifth, and even sixth deployments. These frequent and extended absences add to the already stressful conditions of combat.

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