See How The Seabees Handle The Difficult, And The Impossible

This short video is about one of the most unique forces in the U.S. Military, The U.S. Navy’s Mobile Construction Battalions, the Seabees. Watch these old Seabees reminisce about their how and when they joined the Seabees and what they did.

The Seabees were born on March 4, 1942 during WWII, in response to the great need for their skills to fight and to win the war in every environment that it was being fought around the world, but especially in the Pacific Theater.

The motto of the Seabees, “We Build, We Fight,” implies much of what you need to know about them.

Source: YouTube/U.S. Navy
The Seabees’ motto is “We Build, We Fight.”

They build anything and everything that is needed for a combat base to run efficiently. They bring the skills of all the building trades to all they do, from carpentry, to electrical, to plumbing and everything in between and often beyond. They can operate in any climate or environmental condition, building all the facilities that are needed, from field hospitals, to road building, to airstrip construction and maintenance and anything else required to keep the troops housed, fed, and in communication.

There is nothing they cannot build and build fast. As they say, “The difficult we do now, the impossible takes a little longer.”

Source: YouTube/U.S. Navy
The Seabees provide critical services during both peace and war.

But that is not all. They are a highly trained fighting unit as well. They are trained in all the combat skills. There is a good reason for this; they are always on land, in the middle of the action, and in the context of a wartime situation, they are as capable of fighting as any infantryman, or grunt. And they have.

Source: YouTube/U.S. Navy
“The difficult we do now. The impossible takes a little longer.”

Seabees have been involved in every conflict since WWII, but they have also been involved in helping people all around the world in times of natural disasters. Their effectiveness in helping to get peoples affected by natural disasters back on their feet, have made a significant difference on many occasions around the world, even right up to the present moment.

The Veterans Site honors the hard work, the skills, and the determination of the United States Navy’s Construction Battalions, the Seabees. You are one of the most respected military units in our military, and for good reason. We send our thanks to all who have served and who currently serve in the U.S. Navy Seabees.

You are the epitome of “CAN DO!”

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