Do Our Veterans Actually Miss War?

Sebastian Junger is a busy man and has been for over two decades.

Junger was first noticed after writing the international bestseller The Perfect Storm: A True Story of Men Against the Sea. The book focuses on the loss of the Gloucester fishing boat Andrea Gail off the coast of Nova Scotia in October 1991. Six men died on that boat because of the storm over the waters.

Besides writing books, Junger is also a documentary filmmaker, whose films have all revolved around war (Restrepo, Which Way is the Front Line From Here and Korengal). In total, however, Sebastian Junger has been covering war for over twenty years.

Junger has a lot to say on the subjects of war, soldiers and others who are part of a soldier’s world. In this TED Talks video, Junger discusses how, and why, soldiers learn to love combat, and can sometimes come home and actually miss war.

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