Seattle Police Keep #LipSyncChallenge Trend Going With Body-Moving Rendition Of Macklemore’s ‘Downtown’

In July, the Norfolk, Virginia, police challenged their fellow officers in Seattle to settle a bet. There was no money involved, just bragging rights for the department who could create the best lip-sync video.

Norfolk offered up their rendition of Bruno Mars’ “Uptown Funk,” and waited patiently for Seattle to return the fire.

“OK, @NorfolkPD. It’s on. We don’t want to make an unruly mess of this video, so we will take some time to put it together,” the Seattle Police Department tweeted.

Source: YouTube/SPD Blotter
Officers from the Seattle Police Department lip-synched to Macklemore’s “Downtown.”

Had the Norfolk squad been paying attention, they may have picked up a hint of what Seattle would soon deliver. As it turns out, the Pacific Northwest’s own Macklemore and Ryan Lewis provide the backing track for this rap battle riposte.

According to the Seattle Times, The video shows officers rapping in front of a vintage police cruiser, tossing a fish at the Pike Place Market, even riding around town on scooters with the Mayor. Of course, Macklemore’s “Downtown” is playing in the background.

“I think that everyone wins with these videos,” said Norfolk public-relations officer Daniel Hudson.

Source: YouTube/SPD Blotter
The officers were responding to the Norfolk, Virginia, police’s lip-sync video of Bruno Mars’ “Uptown Funk.”

The officers worked on the video on their own time, even securing a filming permit to shoot some of the more involved scenes in downtown Seattle. They weren’t paid for it, and it didn’t detract from their regular duties. Not everyone was moved by the performance, however.

“It just seems like a frivolous attempt at garnering community connection to me,” Navy veteran and Seattle attorney Andrew Pierce told the SeattleTimes. “I’d like to see more from the department about how they’re increasing constitutional policing.”

Source: YouTube/SPD Blotter
The officers created the video on their own time, and got plenty of community members to take part.

Was it worth it? Watch the video below, and you be the judge!

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