Check Out The Innovative ‘Delivery System’ The Navy Seals Are Using

There is plenty of lore to go around about the skills and the stealth of Navy Seals and other Special Operators. They are like ghosts in the ways that they go about their missions. The general public does not hear about what they are doing or where they are operating, and that’s just fine. When something needs to be done, they get it done.

Navy Seals can be deployed off of any ship in the Navy, in a dozen different ways, but this video shows how they can be deployed from a submerged submarine. They have their own “mini subs” that are piggy-backed onto a Navy submarine. A 14 man Seal Team can be transported anywhere unseen and unheard anywhere in the world via this method.

Source: YouTube/Asylum seeker
Photo: YouTube/Asylum seeker

They enter their mini submarine delivery system through a lockout chamber inside the sub that is delivering them to their mission.

Source: YouTube/Asylum Seeker
Photo: YouTube/Asylum seeker

When the 14 men and their weapons and supplies are inside the lockout chamber it is locked and then filled with sea water until the water inside is at the same pressure as the surrounding sea water, then the Seals can exit the mother sub and enter into and deploy their own “mini sub” vehicle and guide it under its own power to wherever they want to go near shore.

YouTube/Asylum seeker
Photo: YouTube/Asylum seeker

They can exit it, still submerged, and go ashore in compete secrecy.

These Seals and the other Special Operators from the other branches of the military are the most highly trained and skilled warriors in the world. It is unfortunate that we live in a world where they are necessary, but it very fortunate that they are on our side.

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