Flying Skills Mean The Difference Between Life And Death For A Navy Pilot

This short video concerns an amazing piece of flying skill by Navy pilots on the carrier USS Eishenhower while taking part in Operation Inherent Resolve with the Airborne Early Warning Squadron 123.

These guys fly E2-C Hawkeyes, which are euphemistically called, Screwtops.” They are called this because they carry an early warning radar system above their fuselages.

These propeller driven platforms are not the usual kind of planes you might think of landing and taking off of an aircraft carrier. But they are very important systems for our jet fighter crews and our aircraft carrier strike units in war zones. They protect the fleet from surprise aerial or surface missile attacks.

Watch what happens to this particular “Screwtop” and see how the pilots handle the emergency. This is some impressive flying.

As the plane was landing on the flight deck, the arresting cable broke. The Screwtop continues off the end of the flight deck and disappears from sight. You can see the airdales on deck running to see what happens to the plane, then stop, expressing relief and praise as they see it rise up again before them.

The pilots were awarded the Armed Forces Air Medal for their skill in saving the plane from what looked like sure destruction. One of them explains that when it happened it felt like eternity, but the training just kicked in and they did what they had to do.

Great flying.

The Veterans Site would like to offer its praise to these three pilots and to thank them for their skilled and courageous service to the United States Navy and to the nation.

Fair winds and Calm Seas

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