Stray Dog Saves A Soldier’s Life

How did Scar, an Iraqi stray wind up in Indio, California? Well, that’s a tale for the books!

It all started with newlyweds Anna and Peter Pero. Shortly after their wedding, Peter was deployed to Iraq with the United States Army. While there he met Scar, a stray dog living on the streets. The dog instantly took a liking to Peter, and the feeling was mutual. Little did he know that the pooch would end up saving his life.

That happened one day when Peter had to go outside the gates, where he encountered a local man. The dog’s behavior alerted Peter to imminent danger and saved his life. Peter knew right away that he had to return the favor.

However, the military has a “no pets” policy, so Peter had to get creative. That’s when his wife got involved and the two of them came up with a plan to rescue Scar, adopt him, and get him to his new home in the United States.

Watch their full story now in the video below!

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