Sailor Surprises His Mom On Her 50th Birthday

Raising your child and watching them grow up can be rewarding. Spending every waking moment with them until they leave for college. But imagine how hard it would be going an entire year without seeing your son? Well, Logan Podpora joined the Navy and had to leave his mother behind.

Photo: YouTube / John Podpora

His parents missed him a great deal, so they would send him messages of encouragement on a regular basis.

Photo: YouTube / John Podpora

Even the family’s dogs missed him. He was a good brother to them and they do not get to play with him as much as they used to.

Photo: YouTube / John Podpora

But as much as they missed their son, his mother was very proud to see him graduate boot camp. Logan was then stationed in Florida for ten months, well away from his family. He told his mother that he would not be making it home for Christmas and that he would ‘try’ and make it home sometime the following year.

This also meant that Logan would not be able to attend his mom’s 50th birthday party on December 20th. But unbeknownst to his mother, Logan was granted a 15-day leave for Christmas. He decided to keep it a secret from everyone in his family except his mother.

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They blindfolded their mother so they could “assemble her present”. Then Logan’s father told her to open her eyes to find a giant box.

Photo: YouTube / John Podpora

“John, I don’t want to be videotaped, I really don’t,” she said while opening her gift.

Photo: YouTube / John Podpora

Her family decided to play a trick on her and put a smaller box inside of the larger box along with a note.

Photo: YouTube / John Podpora

“Mom, you have to look closely to find me.” She immediately assumed that she was supposed to continue searching through the smaller box. “Is it a box of love?” she laughed. The truth was, her gift was sitting right around the corner, waiting to be found.

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