Sailor’s Christmas Surprise Video Goes Viral

On Christmas Eve, one family in California was together to celebrate Christmas — with one person missing. The mother was missing her daughter ,who was away from home for the holidays serving in the United States Navy. Or at least that’s what this mother thought.

The Sailor — who goes by the Twitter name @cheeyannahh — had a Christmas surprise waiting for her mom and came up with the perfect way to have her unwrap the surprise gift. A large mirror was wrapped in paper, and, while the mother started taking the wrapping paper off, the Sailor got into position behind her. The whole thing was caught on camera and uploaded to Twitter on Christmas Eve.

“Suprised my mom for Christmas, she looked in the mirror and saw her present,” was the video’s caption on Twitter. It already had 6.5 million views in the first two days online.

After watching the video, it’s no wonder that it has gone viral, thanks to the mother’s reaction!


The California mom had no idea what she would be getting when she started unwrapping the mirror, but it’s pretty obvious by her reaction at the end that it was exactly what she wanted for Christmas! More than anything material, she wanted her daughter with her at home for the holidays.


Military surprise homecoming videos are always great to watch, but this one in particular is just so special. It’s the perfect holiday video to wrap up the year.

Here’s hoping all military families have happy holidays, together or apart.

Watch this amazing homecoming surprise in the video below!

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