Each Day, These Chicago Veterans Help 8,000 Kids Safely Get to and From School

Like many other metropolises, the city of Chicago has a handful of what have come to be known as rough neighborhoods. Sometimes, school children have to walk through these rough neighborhoods as they go to and from school, sometimes going so far as becoming either the victim of a violent crime, or even the assailant.

Knowing how detrimental it can be to place youth into situations that can quickly sour, Leave No Veteran Behind created the Safe Passage Program, which places veterans and their watchful eyes on the commute paths of the children. Each day, these awesome veterans help 8,000 kids safely get to and from school.

Thanks to these incredible veterans, children know that because of the people who used to serve for their freedom overseas, they are now safe again at home on their way to school because of their watchful eyes.

Get more of their story in the video below.

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