QUIZ: Let’s See How Much You Know About the American Flag

You may know it as Old Glory, the Star-Spangled Banner, Stars & Stripes, or just plain’ ol’ Red, White & Blue, but did you know that the American Flag’s design carries with it stacks and stacks of meaning and history?

The flag that represents the United States of America has been held high for as many years as it has existed. It has been placed across the world, flown on planes miles up into the sky, and has even been to the moon. But there are actually quite a few facts that many people might not know!

This quiz will help give readers some incredible information that they might be able to use to surprise your friends or maybe even help you out during the next time you play trivia.

Knowledge that you may have of Old Glory will be put to the test in the eleven questions below.

Enjoy, and be sure to challenge your friends by sharing this quiz on Facebook!

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