Here’s An Uplifting New Way You Can Remind Military Widows That They’re Loved

“No matter how bad you are feeling there is always someone thinking about you.”

That’s what Seth Stewart, 28, wants military families and widows to understand on Valentine’s Day, and every other day of the year. To make sure his message is heard, he founded the Rose Rush, an operation that allows sends roses out to women in the Spokane, Washington, area on Feb. 14.

Stewart’s Rose Rush began eight years ago, CNN reports. He and one of his brothers handed out 24 roses to their single friends in Spokane, their mother, and three sisters.

Source: Facebook/Rose Rush
Rose Rush recipients get a free rose on Valentine’s Day.

Two dozen acts of kindness turned into many more, as the story of the first Rose Rush was passed around social media. People started making special requests for roses to be sent to certain someones, and Stewart was forced to hire on some help as the operation grew.

Source: Facebook/Rose Rush
This year, Seth Stewart and his colleagues delivered 550 roses.

In 2019, Stewart and his drivers handed out a record 550 roses, free of charge, to everyone who sent a message to the “Rose Rush” Facebook page.

“Some of the stories are so touching,” Stewart told CNN. “No matter how bad you are feeling there is always someone thinking about you.”

Source: Facebook/Rose Rush
Many Rose Rush recipents are military widows.

Rose Rush recipients are mainly single women and widows, and a special few who have gone above and beyond to help others. Stewart has received a few requests from deployed service members who weren’t able to make the delivery unperson, too.

“Every single year we do this, there are always one or two women who break down sobbing because it means so much to them,” Stewart said.

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