You Need To Hear This Veteran’s Song — “Soon Enough”

Our brave men and women in the military endure a lot during tours of duty overseas. There are battles, guard duty, travel, training, and so much more to keep them busy. But there is also a lot of time to reflect on the ones they miss back at home — the ones they had to leave behind in service of their country, the ones waiting anxiously for them to return — family, friends, and loved ones.

Written during his deployment in Afghanistan, Rory Ellis’s “Soon Enough” is a melodic song that communicates the hardships of life overseas—the longing for loved ones, the job that needs to be done, as well as how one spends their downtime.

This is an incredible song from a veteran, and it’s not only a wonderful piece of music, it also speaks directly to those feelings of service and missing the ones back home. It’s a powerful song for both veterans and their families.

Listen to this amazing song written by a veteran below!

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