His Celebrity Crush Said Yes To The Marine Corps Ball! But She Has One Condition…

Many of you know Ronda Rousey, the female MMA Bantamweight champion that’s been taking the sport by storm. She’s skilled, furious, & a champion but also a total sweetheart, which might be why she’s winning over the hearts of so many Americans. And the fellas in the Marine Corps are no exception!

A young Marine named Jarrod Hash, stationed at Camp Lejeune in North Carolina, released a video through Facebook recently, asking Rousey to be his date for the Marine Corps Ball in December. The video took off, getting over 5 million views and creating a viral sensation that was eventually seen by Rousey herself! Be sure to take a look at her response in a video when TMZ finally caught up to her. Needless to say, Marine Hash is obviously a gentleman & we’re excited to see how this plays out come December.

Listen carefully to the condition Rousey has for Hash! I’m sure there will no trouble filling that request!

This is such a great story. It warms our hearts to know that Hash will be going to the ball with his “celebrity crush” and that he promises to be a gentleman. We think Rousey’s attendance of the Marine Corps Ball is sure to be as memorable as the time when the festivities erupted into a full-blown Michael Jackson dance session (while the marines were still in uniform)! Just add this to the things that America loves about Ronda Rousey.

Not only will she be lifting the spirits of the marines stationed at Camp Lejeune, but she’s bringing her friends too!

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