Vietnam Veteran Meets With Pen Pal 50 Years After Receiving Her Heartfelt Letters

While Ron Cavello was serving his country in the Vietnam War, mail call was one of his favorite sounds. Thanks to schoolteacher Patricia Gallagher, Cavello received letters regularly from students at the old St. Paul school in his hometown of Norristown, Penn.

It’s been 50 years since Cavello fought in Vietnam but Cavello remembers it clearly. The veteran kept every single one of the letters he received during his time in the service.

“I put ’em up in my attic,” he told ABC 7 News.

The notes meant a lot to the children who sent and received letters back, too.

“Their parents told me they waited at the mailbox every day after school to see if they were going to get a soldier letter,” Gallagher said.

Today, Cavello still keeps in touch with those pen pals, and even got to meet one in person in an emotional reunion.

One of Gallagher’s former students, Mary Ann Campo, looked up Cavello’s name on a list of coworkers at the US Postal Service. She confirmed that it was indeed her former pen pal, and arranged for a meeting, inviting Gallagher along.

The three shared memories and read through Carvello’s collection of letters. Those little acts of kindness had finally come full circle. It’s likely Carvello will never forget this meeting.

See more in the video below.

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