Rihanna’s Tribute Song To Veterans Is So Heartfelt

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For Veterans Day in 2014, Rihanna teamed up with the likes of Eminem, Bruce Springsteen and Jennifer Hudson to perform at the first ever Concert for Valor. The special, which aired on HBO, brought greater awareness for veterans and their needs, as well as the hardships endured by military families.

The video below, which includes powerful photographs taken during the festivities, is a great addition to that effort.

We at The Veterans Site love seeing tributes like this that pay respect to not only our brave men and women in the military but also to their families as well. While our troops are overseas defending our country and freedom, military families have to deal with their own struggles back home, including the uncertainty and worry, the separation and time apart, as well as the support they give to their loved one(s) in the military.

This song speaks perfectly to that sentiment, and is a great tribute to military members and their families. The footage of families being reunited with their loved ones is amazing and a must-see.

Watch the veterans tribute music video below!

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