Man Spends His Free Time Restoring Veterans’ Headstones At Local Cemetery

Elmwood Cemetery in Kansas City, Missouri, is a final resting place to more than 30,000 people, including many veterans.

Brad Finch, a KC resident, loves this cemetery and has been visiting it for 30 years.

During his visits, he has taken it upon himself to restore the veterans’ headstones there and serve those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

Photo: YouTube/Fox4 News Kansas City

“They should always be clean,” Finch told Fox 4 KC. “They should never be dirty. I’ve researched how to do it and I enjoy the work.”

Finch uses a specially ordered biological solution that is used at Arlington National Cemetery. First, he lets it sit on the headstone for about 15 minutes. Then he gently scrapes, brushes, and sprays them with water until they come clean.

Photo: YouTube/Fox4 News Kansas City

His hard work has washed away grime and dirt, and revealed names and dates on headstones that were otherwise hidden for years.

Among the veterans buried there is James McGee, who fought in the War of 1812.

Recently, he discovered a headstone who belongs to Augustus Muloney, who served in the 72nd Ohio Infantry Regiment and Union Army during the Civil War.

Photo: YouTube/Fox4 News Kansas City

“This was a veteran,” Finch told Fox 4 KC. “He deserves respect. The stone should never be that dirty. I love cemeteries, and it disturbs me when the headstone is illegible. It loses its purpose if you can’t read who it’s for.”

Finch plans on starting a business cleaning stones in the future, but for now he will continue to do it out of the goodness of his heart.

Hear more of his inspiring story in the video below:

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