Help Rescue Rebuild Restore Dignity and Stability To The Lives Of Homeless Veterans

One of GreaterGood’s Signature Programs is providing mammograms for women in need. Providing Mammograms For Women In Need offers life-saving healthcare services to women who cannot afford it.

One of those programs is helping provide shelter for homeless Americans and their pets. Rescue Rebuild is a featured program of as well as one of our featured programs for Giving Tuesday 2019.

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In the United States, around 37.8k veterans are sleeping on the streets on any given night. Many of these veterans rely on pets as comfort companions. We are in need of your help to build a Safe Haven that includes their comfort pets!

According to the National Coalition on Homelessness, many homeless Americans are veterans, and many have pets. A common misconception is that homeless men and women use pets as a way to get spare change. However, the majority of these animals are family pets and in the same situation as their human companions.

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Homeless shelters in many communities are a resource for people who need food and shelter while they work to find employment and get off the street. Unfortunately, a large majority of homeless shelters do not allow pets on their property. So homeless pet owners are faced with an unimaginable decision each night—either stay with their pet outside and brave the elements for the night, or check into the shelter and leave their pet behind.

Source: Adobe Stock’s signature program Rescue Rebuild is providing housing for homeless veterans that accommodate pets. All housing will be built from the ground up. We believe no pet or homeless American should be left behind. By retrofitting homeless shelters to accept pets, we can ensure more people get the help they need, and that more pets are saved in the process.

You can help. Together, we can get people and pets off of the streets and into a safe and warm environment. Please help today, and learn more about this life-changing program and many others at the new click-to-give site.

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