Reagan’s Stirring Speech Evokes Feelings of Pride, Honor for Those Who’ve Served

Many of us are old enough to remember this speech. Many of us are not and may hear it for the first time here.

Many of us have served and fought for the ideals enumerated by President Reagan here. Those of us who have done so can remember the faces and the names of men who, like the WWI hero mentioned in President Reagan’s speech, honored both the warrior code and the ideals upon which this country is built.

Watch and listen to this piece again. If it brings tears, honor them and give them their due. If it makes you understand the pride that veterans have in having served, thank them, for they carry within them the wounds, the loss of brothers, and the knowledge that, for a brief time in their lives, they did something good for others; they answered the call to duty, they defended something worthy of sacrifice, something greater than themselves.

The Veterans Site thanks all who have served.

We Salute You!

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