10 Unforgettable Surprise Military Homecomings You Have To Watch

The one thing a family member or friend of a service member hopes for more than anything else is a safe return home after a deployment. Those long-awaited homecomings are so incredibly special to witness — whether in person or in a video — and makes one appreciate what military members and military families sacrifice in the service of our country.

So what’s the one thing that could make a military homecoming better than it already is? When it’s a surprise for the family!

Many service members returning from a long deployment overseas have taken to surprising their loved ones in some really great ways. Some troops tell their family a different date from when they are actually getting home; some just don’t say anything at all. And then there are the surprises that come at holidays and birthdays, often when they are missed the most.

This collection of video clips show some of the absolute best military surprise homecomings to be found!

homecoming 3

When someone volunteers to join the military and put on the uniform to protect our freedom, the friends and family members of that brave man or woman join the military in a sense, too. They don’t sign up for service, but they are there for the worry, the time spent apart, and the support. When a service member is deployed overseas, their family and friends have to deal with the distance and lost time and then be there for encouragement when the deployment is completed.

That is why it is always so amazing to see members of the military surprise their family and friends with a special homecoming. It is a way to let them know that they are missed as well, that they are important, and that their sacrifice matters.

Plus, it’s just great fun to see the looks on their faces!

homecoming 2

After watching this collection of the sweetest surprise military homecomings, make sure you share the video with your own family and friends so they can see the joy, the laughter, and the emotion captured on film here. Good luck trying to pick a favorite though — we haven’t been able to!

Remember, though, that whether they come home with a great surprise like the ones in this video or not, we should always be grateful that our brave men and women in the military come home from serving overseas. We take joy at seeing these service members return to their families, while still keeping in mind and remembering all those still deployed.

Watch these hilarious & heartwarming surprise homecomings in the video below!

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