Courage and Creativity Save the Day in Suspenseful Landing Caught on Video

When life throws “stuff” in your way, you get creative or else. This video is a great example of Navy creativity and Marine training. With these guys, there a solution to every problem. In this case, for this Marine Corps pilot trying to land his Harrier AV-8B jet on the USS Bataan with its front landing gear not functioning, that solution is a “stool.” But Capt. William Mahoney has to rely on his training, his skill, and his nerves to bring this bird back to the nest safely.

Watch the actual filming of this event as Capt. Mahoney explains every moment of this unexpected adventure as it unfolded for him. This invention that these Navy flight deck crews came up with for just this kind of incident seems too simple, but it is clearly genius and effective. The skill of this young Marine pilot was put to the test in this incident, and he passed it.

There is nothing like the teamwork here between the Navy and Marine Corps personnel on this incredible Navy vessel. It is a multipurpose vessel and the kind of thinking that goes into its operation is typical of American military ingenuity in general. It is creative, flexible, and yet well managed and operated.

This video shows the quality and the skill of our Navy and Marine Corps personnel. We here at The Veterans Site want to offer our thanks for their service to the nation and to honor them for their proven abilities. This film demonstrates, in its own way, the kind of people who are serving in the Navy and the Marine Corps. We can be confident in their commitment and their skills to keep the nation free and safe. Thanks to all who serve and who have served. You’re the best.

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