Video Shows Emotional Homecoming For U.S. Marine

Service members sacrifice so much for our country — sometimes giving the ultimate sacrifice for freedom — but their family members and loved ones make sacrifices, too, with time spent apart, worry and anxiety, and separation.

Every time a service member comes home safe and sound is a great moment, and homecomings like this one are just amazing to see!

Lance Corporal Crespo had been on an overseas deployment with the United States Marine Corps. Back home, his family and friends were waiting for his safe return — none least of all was his fiancée, Francis Martinez.

On the day that Crespo’s unit returned home, his fiancée and entire family was there to greet him and the whole homecoming experience was captured in an incredible video.

Screenshot: Rumble/Martinezfrancis17

The footage is set to the song “Photograph” by musician Ed Sheeran. It starts with Francis and Lance Corporal Crespo’s family at home and then waiting to greet him as he returns with his unit.

Crespo is obviously surprised and excited to see his fiancée and entire family, to say the least!

The video ends with a quotation from 1 Corinthians 3:17, “Love endures all things” and then adds “Like 242 days apart.”

Screenshot: Rumble/Martinezfrancis17

Sacrifice is a part of life for service members in the United States Armed Forces, but that sacrifice is felt by more people than just the troops themselves. Whenever a service member deploys overseas, their family members and loved ones are left to worry about them, pray for them, and hope for their safe return home.

With anxious anticipation, troops on deployment look forward to being back home with their loved ones, while those at home miss their service members more every day they are away.

That makes it a happy day whenever service members return home safe and sound to their families and loved ones!

Watch this Marine’s amazing homecoming video!

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