This U.S. Airman Missed His Son’s Birthday By One Day – Then Gave Him The Best Gift Ever

When a member of the United States Air Force missed his son’s birthday party by one day, he wanted to give him a big gift for not making it home in time. The family gathered together with the young boy, Alec, to have him open just one more birthday gift. When his mom led Alec out to see his present, he saw that it was a large box in birthday wrapping paper.

Alec, with the encouragement of his family, started to tear away the wrapping paper to open the gift. The present was a large box with a flap to open it. Excited but cautious, the boy needed a little extra encouragement from his family to open up the box. What he found waiting for him inside made him immediately start jumping up and down, smiling, and laughing with pure joy.

Waiting inside the box was the U.S. Airman himself. “It’s daddy!” the son yells with excitement. Like a life-sized G.I. Joe, the Air Force member stepped out uniform and gave his son a couple big hugs. Both father and son were elated to see one another, and the father can’t wait to start playing with his son, who he hadn’t seen for some time.

Watch the great homecoming video below!

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