This 1972 Performance From One Of America’s Greats Will Take You Down Memory Lane

The first place that I heard Ray Charles’s version of “America the Beautiful” was in one of my favorite films: The Sandlot. So for a long time, whenever I heard the song, that’s where my mind would go: The Sandlot.

But now, as I get older, I think of much more than that. I think of summer. I think of Fireworks. I think of our troops, and how they’re defending our great nation. The song truly has grown on me. And, if you haven’t heard it already, I think you’re going to love it.

This particular performance was done on The Dick Cavett Show (September 18th, 1972). Enjoy! And, though we’re months away, please do feel free to fire up the grill.

Check out the video below and listen to the fantastic performance that perfectly encapsulates America.

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