My Heart Soared When This Man Spots His Wife In The Terminal! This Is An Amazing Reunion!

Being a part of the military you know that you will be away from your family for training, and any deployments that you might have usually means that you will be away from them for even longer. Being apart from a loved one is never easy, even for one night. The military couple in this video have been apart from each other for a year, each on different deployments. There is no way that it’s been easy for them.

The time that military personnel and their families give up together is one of the most overlooked sacrifices sacrifices made for members of the Armed Forces. Our troops miss birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, and every day life together while they are serving their country in the name of freedom. Family members, and especially spouses, are always eager to have their loved ones return from deployment.

The nerves, excitement, and anticipation that must be running through this husband’s mind as he waits for his wife to emerge from the terminal is contagious. This video beautifully captures the raw human emotion of a military reunion, and it is heartwarming.

See their emotional reunion for yourself.

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